New Media in the English language classroom (FQ)

The technological developments over the last few years mean that more and more people have constant and unlimited access to the internet and new media, creating many opportunities for (independent) language learning. In this seminar we will look at and analyse the wide range of teaching and learning materials for English, both textbook and web-based. These include interactive tasks and apps for grammar and vocabulary work, authentic materials for listening comprehension, project work to promote writing skills in the form of blogs, chats and collaborative writing as well as authentic communication. We will also explore the various ways of successfully integrating these materials in the classroom in order to enhance learning and encourage the learners to become more flexible and autonomous in their learning process.

Allgemeine Informationen zur Veranstaltung

Kursnummer 191-424
Kurs New Media in the English language classroom (FQ)
Kursleiter/in Jyotika Dalal
Kursgebühr 65,00 €
Ort Böblingen
Datum Sa, 11.05.2019
Zeiten 10:00 - 17:00
Unterrichtseinheiten 8,00
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