Digital Media and Tools in the English Language Classroom (FQ)

The technological advances of recent years, combined with the pandemic situation, have brought in many changes for us as language teachers. Constant and unlimited access to the internet, new media, virtual lessons and the rapid rise in online learning tools have certainly created more diverse opportunities for (autonomous) language learning.

In this seminar we will look at and analyse the wide range of teaching and learning materials for English, both textbook and web-based. We will also look at the new tools on offer and how these can help us support our participants even outside the classroom. We will then explore the various ways of successfully integrating these materials in our lessons in order to enhance learning and encourage the learners to become more flexible and autonomous in their learning process.

Voraussetzungen: eine stabile Internetverbindung, ein Headset, ggf. eine Webcam.

Durch Fördermittel der Weiterbildungsoffensive WEITER.mit.BILDUNG@BW können wir diese Fortbildung für vhs-Mitarbeitende und Kursleitende von baden-württembergischen Volkshochschulen vergünstigt anbieten.

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