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Bringing Business into the English classroom (FQ)

This seminar is designed for all of you who teach or would like to teach English for Business Purposes at all levels. We will move beyond the textbooks and explore ways to incorporate authentic materials and include real-life scenarios in our lessons. Not only does this provide the learners with hands-on practice for various situations in their professional lives, it also motivates them by bringing the ‘outside world’ into the classroom, thus enhancing their learning experience. For this, we will take a closer look at different sources and compilations of materials for the business context and work on adapting and modifying these to fit the specific requirements of our groups. The aim of this seminar is to work together to develop a collection of ideas and methods that you can use - and expand on - in your Business English classroom.

Voraussetzungen: eine stabile Internetverbindung, ein Headset, ggf. eine Webcam.